Hamara has grown to be the largest ethnic minority organisation in the voluntary and community sector in Leeds.

Better Together

The overall aim of the service is to reduce health inequalities by primarily focusing on the wider determinants of health such as Employment, Housing, Social Isolation, Financial Inclusion etc.

The secondary focus is promoting healthy lifestyles and protecting health, helping people to live healthier lifestyles and make improvements against the wider facts that affect health and wellbeing.

‘Better Together Project’ overarching aim is to help deliver the vision of the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2016-2021) ‘Leeds will be a healthy and caring city for all ages, where people who are the poorest will improve their health the fastest’.

Who can use this service? Working with all ages but will focus primarily on 16+ in the South Leeds area.

Healthy Hearts Programme

We deliver a successful programme ‘Healthy Hearts’ which engages with around 200 service users.

We adapted the ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ model, as developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and tailored the programme to meet local needs of the demographics we serve. This model recognises that wellbeing is determined by a range of factors and that individuals can improve their own wellbeing by: being more active, learning, giving, taking notice and connecting more with friends, family and the people around them.

We believe a similar approach could help people improve their physical and mental wellbeing in an integrated way by bringing the focus on the relationship between physical cardiovascular health and the mental and overall health and wellbeing of our service users – emphasising the dual meaning of the word ‘heart’.

Who can use this service? Working with all ages but will focus primarily on 16+ in the South Leeds area.

Patient Ambassadors

To support patients – particularly those that are ’hard to reach/vulnerable’ in accessing healthcare appropriately – ‘choosing well’. Focus on DNA patients/improving attendance rates. Supporting GPs with QOF outcomes

Signposting patients to relevant services to meet their social/non-medical needs. Proactively delivering events within the community to engage harder to reach groups

Who can use this service? Patients registered to any of the following surgeries:

  • Bellbrooke
  • Harehills Corner
  • Conway, Ashton View
  • Lincoln Green
  • Shakespeare Medical Practice
  • York Road
  • The Garden Surgery
  • Roundhay Road
  • Church Street Surgery
  • Lingwell Croft Surgery
  • South Bank Surgery
  • Arthington Medical Centre
  • Leeds City Medical Practice
  • City View Medical Practice
  • Beeston Village Surgery
  • Oakley Medical Practice

How can people access this service?  By being referred by any member of practice staff to Patient Ambassador based at assigned surgery.

Who works on this project? Our staff work at various locations across Leeds. Contact Shaun and Fahima Matin for more information or speak to a member of the health team.

Funding & Partners