Cultural Foodbank

Our cultural food bank started of small and we are now catering towards 30 plus organisations around the Leeds area.

Hamara established a Cultural Food Hub responding to the need for culturally appropriate food parcels. We identified 5 main ethnicities in the community, African, Caribbean, South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Eastern European, and their staple foods.

We tailor to each community by providing them with their ethnic food and green grocers which are hard to find and more expensive.

Through our Cultural Food Hub Provision, Hamara provides culturally appropriate food to 38organisations across Leeds, so they can support the most deprived people in their community. The Cultural Food Hub is now well established with a reliable team and infrastructure. We provide food parcels to Organisations depending on the demographic of the community they are supporting. In addition to non-perishable items, we also provide fresh food that includes plantain, yam, and Sweet potato.

We have not only given vital nutrition to people who would otherwise be without, but also given people access to other services they may not be able to reach, supporting the wider determinants of health. Through the voluntary actions of our partner organisations, they have helped many different communities who struggle to access other services. People face many challenges, such as language and cultural barriers, which prevent them from finding and receiving the support they deserve and entitled to. Our Cultural Food Hub and community partners are vital as they provide a link between councillors and the communities they represent, helping to rebuild trust in people who have been neglected.

How to get in contact

Our friendly, dedicated team are always willing to help the community in times of need, for more information about the cultural food bank please contact the Projects Coordinator: nachammai on 0113 2773330 or via email

Funding & Partners


Volunteers have played a key part in our successes, both assisting in the foodbank creating the parcels and in delivering them out to the local community in LS11 and LS10.