Mission Statement

Hamara has grown to be the largest ethnic minority organisation in the voluntary and community sector in Leeds.

Vision Statement

Our vision is a cohesive and cooperative community that collaboratively works with each other and wider external stakeholders for improved health and well-being and equal access to opportunities and services.

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to facilitate and provide the platform for the community to formulate and activate lasting solutions that address the inequalities identified by our community. We ensure that we are walking with government, the private sector and like-minded stakeholders on the journey to address social inequalities and poverty. Our aim is to empower the community and cement their stake in their community’s future.

HAMARA Core Values – Be Brave!

Bold - To encourage the community to be bold
Empowering - To empower the community to speak up and step up
Build - To build for a sustainable future
Relationships - To nurture and develop new and existing relationships
Active - To be active participants
Voice - To find their voice and ensure it is heard
Enterprising - To source innovative community led solutions