Hamara expands HALO service

The Hamara Healthy Living Centre has been supporting adults with learning disabilities and mental health for over eight years and is now seeking to expand its services. Through the HALO project – Health, Achievement, and Learning Opportunities – adults with learning difficulties have been able to keep fit, learn to use IT systems, enjoy crafts sessions and access the wider community – all as part of the wide range of support services which HALO offer.

Supporting adults from all backgrounds and walks of life, we provide individual support which is tailored to each person’s personal, cultural, and religious needs. With most of our clients members of the South Asian community, we are able to provide a personalised approach which caters to each individual’s needs. In addition, whilst adults with learning disabilities form most of our user base, we also support adults with autism and other mental health issues. In this way, we are always seeking to diversify our client base and ensure that people from all backgrounds can access our support.

In the light of the success of these ongoing services, Hamara is now seeking to expand by including extra avenues for support. From creating pathways to education, volunteering, and employment to enabling individuals to access housing and benefits assistance, the newly expanded service seeks to support adults with learning disabilities through a wider range of services than ever before.

To do this, we are actively seeking to recruit new support workers who will contribute to the expansion of this service. With a background in health and social care, the new support workers will be key to the distribution of these new services.

If you are interested or would like further information, please contact Sinead at sinead@hamara.co.uk or phone 0113 2773330.

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