Hamara Centre becomes Hub for Middleton and Belle Isle during Covid-19 pandemic

The Hamara Healthy Living Centre are working in partnership with Leeds City Council; as a HUB for the Middleton and Belle Isle area of Leeds.
Leeds City Council have set up a city wide helpline for people who are unable to leave the house due to the COVID-19 Virus pandemic. The helpline is for everyone and there is no criteria. There is a total of 33 hubs across the city to support individual’s during the crisis and the Hamara Centre is one of these.

Working in partnership with Leeds City Council and Voluntary Action Leeds, Hamara is coordinating the volunteers who are working tirelessly to support people who are in need during the outbreak of the corona virus Pandemic. The volunteers are matched to people in their area who need support with accessing basics such as food, prescriptions and fuel for their home. Last week Hamara received 75 calls for volunteer matches to help individuals and their families who have been hit the hardest and they have provided over 572 warm and cold meals.

The centre on Tempest Road already has a well-established Foodbank which has been receiving donations from Fairshare weekly for the last 4 years, the foodbank has become a lifeline for vulnerable adults and their families, who are experiencing hardship and poverty, on average the foodbank supports 20 individuals and their families a week to access vital food packages.

Hamara has forged partnerships with West Yorkshire Fire Service, The Real Junk Food Project and the Police service to be able to keep up with demand and has received further food packages to ensure that there is enough food for everyone who needs it. The food packages are prioritised for those families and individuals who may be in isolation or who are experiencing hard ship due to the Corona Virus.
Operations Director Shanaz Gul said “All indications are that this will be a prolonged crisis over a period of weeks/months so we need to make sure we can support people through this”

Coronavirus LCC Help Line

If you’re unable to leave the house due to the COVID-19 Virus pandemic and you’re worried because you don’t have family or friends who can help, please contact Leeds City Council on 0113 3781877.

Anyone who feels they are able, can volunteer for a range of different roles dependant on availability and preference, by visiting doinggoodleeds.org.uk or emailing info@val.org.uk or calling 0113 2977920. Once signed-up volunteers will receive training and then be matched with opportunities locally to help.

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