Cockburn Centre

Hamara will apply to Power to Change – Community Business Fund to support and help redevelop the Old Cockburn Sports Hall into a thriving community business hub, run, led and driven by adults with learning disabilities.  The Cockburn Centre aims to become a ‘creative led’ day opportunity service promoting integration and inclusiveness for all who attend resulting in an inward investment of approximately £1.2million to the region of Leeds and the creation of jobs. 

Hamara will move its growing day opportunities provision for adults with learning disabilities, currently based at Hamara centre and funded by Leeds City Council contract/direct payments, into the new development to compliment Hamaras long term vision of growth for the service. 

This will free up vital space within the Hamara centre to further expand on our existing projects and services such as Neighbourhoods Networks, Health and Youth as well as allowing the growth of new high demand services such as mental health support. 

The new development will double the existing capacity to organise more community events, provide a wider range of services and have a greater impact on the local community.  It will also aim to boost employment for adults with learning disabilities, especially in light of new benefit reforms, which means that more and more disabled people are now expected to seek work.  The new facilities including office space, sports hall hire, events, chill zone room, activity rooms and community café will be open to the wider community.

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